S&P Capital IQ Feedback on Lead India 2020 Training

Lead India 2020 is Nonprofit partner for our Corporate Social Responsibility activities. In 2011 we have did 40 GVD projects for infrastructure development at schools, villages and public places with the help of Lead India 2020.
In addition to that we have sponsored 9 government schools for Lead India 2020 training. Lead India 2020 is a unique personality, health, patriotism, values and leadership development program for high school students it is 3 full day program involving all students and teachers. Lot of research went into this program and we have seen significant change of attitude in students and teachers after this program.
This program mainly gives a message of self-reliance in the minds of the participants and also tells that it is their personal responsibility to work for personal development along with values and patriotism to make India Developed Nation by 2020.
Initially when our volunteers approached Head Masters of Government schools, they were skeptical about the outcome of the program and felt 3 days is more time for the program…also reluctant to allow 10th standard students for the program by thinking their regular studies were more important.
After a team of Lead India 2020 volunteers started the program…all teachers were surprised to see the attention of the students on the skills that were taught and a clear change was visible in the behavior of the students. By realizing the surprising results of the program, they even added 10th standard students also to participate in the training.
We have seen that there is a clear improvement in the attitude of the students and they became more expressive, their communication skills got improved, started talking about their career goals & life’s vision and they became more conscious about their personal growth….and started believing as it is their most important priority.
Lead India 2020 training has got some miracle components that are not present in regular academic syllabus…It talks more about life and makes students to go into self-introspection and make them feel confident about themselves and motivates them to become leaders of their own life.
Teaching methodology adopted by Lead India 2020 is highly interactive in which they make participants sing songs on dappu music (drums used in folk) with very good message and entire proceedings are live and energetic.
I can see that there was a tremendous research went into this training material and the way it was delivered…and I appreciate Prof. Sudershan Acharya for his strong commitment to make every youth of India as Leader to make India as Developed by 2020.
I call upon all corporates to come forward and support this training and see that it reaches to every high school student and finally make the world a better place by producing Great Leaders of future India.

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