Rural Eye Checkup and Surgery Camp at Shankar Palli on 29-05-11

They are rural people, don’t know what eye problems they have, they afraid to visit doctor, dragged with economical problems, don’t notice gradual degeneration of eye sight, busy with agricultural activities and they silently suffer with all kinds of eye problems.

Vikram Reddy Pati & Jithendar Reddy Patllolla took this as an opportunity to serve them by taking Global Volunteers’ Day project to Shankarapalli town in coordination with Lion’s Club Sadhuram Eye Hospital Trust.

Finally a team of 20 volunteers started from Capital IQ , Hyderabad on 29th May 2011 at 8am and worked until 4pm in serving those underprivileged and destitute. They went around and spread the message in 24 villages, helped them in reaching the venue, counseled them for undergoing eye testing, encouraged them to read eye testing charts, explained about next course of action, prepared them for eye surgery, served them with the water, lunch & fruits, took care as their own children and finally made them feel at home. Continuously monitored the situation at the hospital and made them to reach home safely with new vision.

Highlights of the GVD:

1.  In total 224 rural people undergone testing at the camp.

2.  Around 110 people are issued with lenses

3.  15 people are sent to hospital for eye surgery.

4.  Distributed free medicines and eye drops for 60 people

Mr. Upender Reddy, Leading advocate at Shankarapalli helped our volunteers to organize this camp at ZPHS Boys high school.

All Beneficiaries were very happy about the services of volunteers, doctors. They appreciated the McGraw-hill companies and Capital IQ for organizing this camp and helping them with good eye sight.

Click Here to View Photos of Eye Camp at Shankar Palli …


List of Volunteers Participated:

Vikram Reddy Pati; Jithendar Reddy Patllolla; Anil Kumar Potnuru;Satish Reddy Baddam; Srinivasarao Kotha; Rajesh Babu Koduru

Narsimha Reddy Ginnaram; Naveen Kumar Ramineni; Lakshmana Babu Kavali; Srikanth Anagoni; Srinivasulu Badabhagni; Kedarnath Potnuru;Kumar Paidi; Mohammad Gouse Shaik; Jayasankar Vellooru; Kapil Gupta; Karthika Neerukonda; Lakshmi Desu; Prabhakar Rao Kotapati


Let us all congratulate the Volunteers for their concern and commitment to community service!

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