Principals Feedback on CMDP Camps Held in APSWREI Schools (18/11/2010 to 24/11/2010)

The camp conducted very successfully by the Master Trainers Ch. Ananth and V. Rajkumar.  The trainers were very enthusiastic and objective. This programme is very useful to the children and TOT teachers in setting their goal and achieving it.  According to me this is a very inspiring programme and welcome move.

Principal   Dowlaiswaram ,East Godavari

I think it is very good programme to inculcate human values and positive thinking in the students.  I hope Lead India movement will spread throughout the country and change the students as real soldiers of our country in order to bring tremendous change by 2020.  Wish these values are inculcated among all the students in all the states and thereby covering the whole country through this movement.

M V BHASKARA RAO,Principal,  SWRS Muthukur,Nellore

Through this programme students got an idea on the importance of setting goals and achieving them. The human values taught should be well observed in day-to-day life for building up a great society.


The training programme CMDP is about goal setting and achieving it. The students realized their immediate goal as securing good marks in SSC.  I hope all students attain very good marks in all the subjects.

Principal, Chinnatekur,Kurnool

The following behavior changes were observed in the students through this training programme. Speaking Softly, Practicing Non-Violence, Framing Realistic Goals, and Determination to reach the Goal were some of the skills inculcated in the children.

Principal, Krishnaraopalem

This programme helped students not only in  setting up  their goals and but also in making concrete plans to achieve them.  Orientation given by Master Trainers taking their own lives as example is praise worthy. The message by Prof Acharya garu to the students was marvelous.

K. Radhika,Principal,Madikonda

Good character, personality development, goal setting and leadership qualities were inculcated in the students.  The empowerment of teachers will ensure the retention of these skills and help in holistic development of students.  I strongly believe Lead India 2020 will bring the desired changes in the nation.


The students were happy to receive good and valuable training from Lead India Master trainer and guests.


The training has laid a strong foundation and helped the students set their goal,aim high and become the best in any field they choose.


The students and teachers were benefited with CMD training and majority of the students demonstrated change in their attitude after attending LI programme. How they sustain this is something worth waiting for.

Principal, Nakkapalli

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