March 15, 2015


Academic Partners

Government Schools, Andhra Pradesh

Private Schools, Hyderbad, Andhra Pradesh

Schools, Karnataka

Schools,  Coimbotore

JNTU, Kukatpalli

Corporate Partners

S & P- CAPITAL IQ, Hyderabad, India

IBM Pvt Limited, Hyderabad, India

GE Volunteers, Coimbotore

Hetero Drugs, Hyderabad

Vijai Electricals, Hyderabad

Government Department Partners

Government of Andhra Pradesh- Rajiv vidhya mission

Government of Andhra Pradesh -APSWREI Schools

10 thoughts on “Partners

  • i was teaching in a technical college in Montreal- Canada for 26 years.
    my husband started the company in 1990 in Hyderabad.
    now with Prime Minister Modi’s Made in India concept we can do a lot in the country.
    We believe Printed circuit board is an important component for developing electronic equipment .
    we want to produce boards for defence, aviation, automobiles .
    the requirement for pcb’s in india is 35 billion usd but we only manufacture in the country 15 billion usd.
    the equipment is expensive . we import 75% of raw material, 89% of equipment .
    great opportunity to fill all gaps and make India the great country once it was.Indians have smart genes but we need good management to lead them

    • Hello madam ,surely we can help you from RGUKT IIIT Basar. Here we have best of the students from rural villages.
      We may also help for this company from ourside .
      Please kindly consider our college students once.

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