Lead India Training Conducted in Mumbai (4-12-2010 to 5-12-2010)

A two-days training programme of Lead India 2020 was organized by Edifice Charitable Foundation, Mumbai (which has been established Edifice Consultants Pvt Ltd., Mumbai) in collaboration with Lead India 2020 Foundation (LI 2020 F) on 4th & 5th Dec 2010. The venue was the Edifice Guest House at Chembur, Mumbai. The training was conducted for the staff of the form.

The faculty comprised Dr. N. B. Sudershan Acharya, Shri. Narotam, Shri. Naresh and Shri. Rajshekar of LI 2020 F. The course was inaugurated by Shri. Ravi Sarangan, Co-Founder of Edifice Charitable Foundation.

After careful evaluation, twelve participants were selected to function as Corporate Ambassadors to conduct subsequent training programmes in Maharashtra State. The feedback received from the participants is encouraging.

At the conclusion of the course, the following decisions were taken:-

a)  On 25 December 2010, Edifice Foundation will organize a training camp at Shahaji Nagar BMC School where all the Corporate Ambassadors will be trained to function as Change Agents who will have the opportunity to become Master Trainers.

b)  In about a month, each of the 12 Corporate Ambassadors will be enroll 11 Trainers making a total of 121 trainers, who will first be trained as Trainers to spread the training in the State.

c)  These 121 Trainers will subsequently cover 11 schools (each school having about 200 students), thus training a total of about 2200 students.

d)  The Edifice Charitable Foundation will form in collaboration with LI2020 F, the Maharashtra (Mumbai) Chapter of LI 2020 F and will cover 500 schools by 11-11-11. The Maharashtra Chapter will target to train 1, 11, 111 students by 11-11-11.

Feedback from participants

Mr Ajay Pradhan – Interested to work in Maharashtra and Orissa, wants to join the 5 days programme.

Ms Bharati Javalkar
– Initially reluctant to attend, now wants to actively participate. She wants to reach as many youngsters to balance commitment and participation.

Ms Zankhana Prajapati
– Keen to help the women, children in some way, but was not sure, as to how it is to be, now she has a platform with Lead India 2020.

Lead India has given her a direction to move further.

Ms Shobha Rao
– She says- she got a direction to all the tried, tested, old, new, fresh ideas that were with her from last 25 years. Wants to make a positive impact towards humanity.

Mr Shivanand Prabhu
– Wants to focus on execution, Wants to create a web site where all tasks can be listed and interested people can choose, which task to complete. Commits to one hour a week.

Mr Sanjay Jain
– From greed and wants, it is changed to- what can I give …..and the platform is ‘Lead  India ‘

Mr Y.Krishna Kartik
– A teacher by profession and a fellow of the Teach for India, would like to inculcate good values in the education of children. Wants to involve schools into the mission.

Mr Vipul Veera
– Wants to make a website for linking all LINC’S online and use the technology to train children’s in the Rural Areas.

Ms Amita Kulkarni
– Good platform for implementation of the noble mission.

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