Lead India 2020 & Capital IQ- Facilities to Govt. High School-Yousufguda (4th July 2011)

Mr. Ravi Chandra Babu Pinuboina and Mr. Mohana Rao Mekala, the CIQ employees and the GVD leaders, came  across an article published in the local daily, Eenadu, in December 2010 about the school students of the Govt. High School at Yousufguda, Hyderabad, outshining in sports, inspite of the inadequate facilities available to them in their school. The ambience of the school was not conducive to learning and development: the classrooms had broken benches and were poorly illuminated, the sports ground had not been maintained for a longtime, etc.

Students of the Yousufguda school have been champions in volleyball, throw ball,  and kho-kho for the past 5 years in Hyderabad and have also been selected to represent the district team of Ranga Reddy to play at the state level. Hats off to the indomitable spirit of these students whose passion to achieve knows no barriers!

Inspired by the unconquerable spirit of the students, on Monday, July 4th 2011, a team of 18 volunteers visited the school, and provided sports material and T-shirts with CIQ logos, a science-lab facility, and lunch plates. Besides, the team repaired the benches, white-washed the school, and cleaned the surroundings and planted trees. Now, the school stands renovated. Above all, the volunteering group succeeded in lighting the spark of self-confidence in the students to march ahead in life.

Highlights of the GVD:

  1. Provided lunch-plates
  2. Painted blackboards
  3. Provided benches
  4. Distributed notebooks, exam-pads, and pens
  5. Provided sports material with CIQ logo
  6. Pasted inspirational wall posters
  7. Cleaned the school premises and planted trees
  8. Conducted quiz competition and games

GVD Team:

Ravi Chandra Babu Pinuboina, Mohana Rao Mekala, Kumar Sanghi, Guru Ramakrishna Polisetty, Mabu Shaik, Bhagya Lakshmi Chandra, Deepthi Janga, Satya Sridevi Bolla, Kedarnath Potnuru, Venkata Ramarao Kotha, Rama Krishna Chaluvadi, Pavan Kumar Gudivada, Ramakrishna Rao Akula, Lalappa Ningampally, Veeraiah Bandla, Bhaskar Vanimina, Jayasankar Vellooru.

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