Lead India 2020 at TATA Power (10th December 2010)


Mr. Sethi : Lead India 2020 breadth and depth of the scope is very big.Here we no one need to compete but everyone need to contribute and ground is made right by Lead India 2020 to contribute. Though the focus is to youth there are roles for all age grope of people.

Corporate has big role to contribute as one spoke in the wheel (Lead India 2020) to drive movement. We will contribute our bit to Lead India 2020 movement.

TATA Power volunteer take out one aim rather than putting their effort in all the area and they shouldn’t do patch work as patch work gives superficial elusion.

All force comes together for one theme, like education. Ideally we need to believe and do same thing and avoid being split personality. I am sure that this movement will go long. Our former president Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam is true believer of what he does. He is the role model for not being a split personality. We should do all our bit to contribute and not compete.

Colonel Prakash Tiwari : We called Acharya Ji here on international volunteer day to understand how we can work with Lead India 2020 to achieve a bigger goal and which can lead TATA Power CSR work to the next level.

Lead India 2020 talks in the same direction which can lead us achieve a higher goal and we can lead our nation towards development.

Achary Ji came here like Budha who gave us the right concept and we will definitely look into the possibility of how we can work with Lead India 2020 and go forward.

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