Lead India 2020 and Capital IQ Support to AMMA NANNA ANADHA SHARANALAYAM at Choutuppal,Nalgonda Dist (20th June 2011)

Just as things go wrong with the heart and the lungs and the liver and the kidneys; things go wrong with the brain! Supporting someone who has a mental illness is really an extraordinary journey of love and perseverance. One such exemplary person who has taken to the path of the serving the mentally ill is Mr. Shankar, founder of Amma Naanna Anadha Sharanalayam(ANAS).

Mr. Shankar had a bitter experience of his brother, Gattu Venkatesh, becoming mentally imbalanced, missing from home for 12 years, and then dying in a hospital with broken-legs (as a lorry hit him while he was crossing the road). This bitter experience led to the foundation of ANAS in February 2010 for the mentally handicapped people wandering on the roadside, eating the leftovers and even starving at times.

ANA picks these people from the roads, cleans them, feeds them, and approaches the doctors who can provide medical assistance. It is trying to create a ray of hope for its inmates through its selfless devotion. It is a day-to-day struggle for ANAS to feed and treat its inmates. It is very much in need of minimum requirements like rice, groceries, and kitchenware, apart from other amenities. The inmates have hardly any interaction with the outside world with no one sharing a word of love and lifting up their spirits.                              


On 20th June’11, we conducted ‘Global Volunteers Day’ at ANAS under the leadership of Mr. Raja. T.

A team of 20 volunteers provided the basic necessities and filled the hearts of the inmates with happiness with their commendable efforts.                              


ANAS is a Registered Trust with 36 inmates and 4 staff-members,  and is situated at Chotuppal, around 55 kilometers from the our office.


Highlights of the GVD:

  1. Distributed medical kit, rice (500 kgs), groceries and food ingredients (for 3 months), necessities for daily use (toiletries & sanitary items), kitchenware, chairs, mats , sports materials, iron racks , bicycles, blankets,  wall posters, tubs,  buckets and mugs and old cloths contributed from friends.
  2. Distributed fruits to the inmates.
  3. Cleaned and planted trees in the premises.
  4. Pasted inspirational and motivational posters.
  5. Organized and conducted games for the inmates.

GVD-Team :

Sunil Babu Velivela, Kavitha Janapatla, Khaja Sirajuddin Syed, Nooka Raju Sesetti, Papireddy Dwarakacherla, Archana Vaddi, Pulla Reddy Tallapureddy, Sunil Chowdary Chinthala, Satish Reddy Baddam, Santosh Kumar Sahoo, Deepthi Ganapa, Gangadhar Reddy Kudumula, Sampath Kumar Burneni, Manoj Kumar Mangilpally, Ravi Angoth, Shanthi Bushan Challa, Ramesh Ganji, Mahendra Naidu Pasupuleti, Kishore Kumar Reddy Nalabolu, and Raja.

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