Lead India 2020 and Capital IQ Hyderabad GVD Support to Family Welfare Centre at Borabanda, Hyderabad (25th June 2011)


When I have an ailment, I go to a hospital but if the hospital is sickening, where would I go for my treatment? In fact, there is no need to get surprised if the patients going to the “Urban Family Welfare Center” (UFWC), run by the government, to get treated, fall sick because of the poor conditions prevailing there.

UFWC is a 10 bedded maternity hospital & family welfare center at Borabanda. Every week, around 200 out-patients visit the hospital for medical services. The hospital was in a bad shape due to lack of maintenance and repair on time: the cots were in rotten condition, full of rust, the beds had lost their shape, there was no proper furniture for storage, and there were huge mounds of garbage lying unattended to and reeking of unpleasant smell.


The hospital was lacking in basic amenities and most importantly hygiene. Two of our employees, Chandra Sekhar Reddy Chaganti & Chinnam Naidu, noticed the bad conditions in the hospital and decided to work for its betterment. On Sunday, 25th June 2011, a GVD team of 20 volunteers visited UFWC, and provided basic facilities and brought a new look to the hospital and its premises. Now, it is a real haven.

Highlights of the GVD:

1.      Painted the cots

2.      Created a shelter for the patients to sit

3.      Provided emergency lights

4.      Provided blankets and racks to keep the medicines

5.      Conducted an awareness session for neighbors and patients

6.      Planted 20 plants around the premises

7.      Distributed gifts to patients.


The GVD Team:

Chandra Sekhar Reddy, Chinnam Naidu Amarapu, Srihari Rao Yandrapalli, Suresh Kumar Kuppli, Chandra Sekhar Rao Bollu, Sridhar Reddy Kummetha, Srinivas Koppula, Ananda Babu Gurrala, Sai Prudhvi Nadh Gaddam, Sridhar Kothuri, Venkata Praveen Chowdary Ulava, Rambabu Jajam, Sravan Kumar Somesetty, Naresh Kovvuri, Surendra Babu Somepalli, Venkata Reddy Manda, Rajesh Kotyada, Shib Sankar Rao Basanta, BABLI, Prabhakar Rao Kotapati.

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