Five-Day Programme for APSWRE Teachers and MBA Students of Bangalore and Coimbatore

The concluded ToT programme:

Lead India 2020 Aap Badho- Desh ko Badhao Training Of  Trainers programme was held from 06 Sep 10 to 10 Sep 10 at Divya Retreat  of Rangareddy Zilla.

The five-day programme was very actively attended by 57 teachers of the APSWRE, 15 MBA students from Bangalore and 12 MBA students from Coimbatore.

Noted Psychologist, Dr. Ganesh presided the programme as the Chief guest. He spoke at length on the essence of life, how to make it more meaningful and the ways and means to achieve the goals of life. Prof Dr. Sudershan Acharya, the National coordinator for Lead India 2020, spoke on the greatness and infinite power of the mind and how an ordinary person could rise to the status of the extraordinary.

Dr. Geeta Challa spoke about the importance of life-skills at par with the academic skills; whereas prof. Arun Kumar, the Jt. National Coordinator, discussed the importance of values, and how these values could be enhanced in the present day life. Dr. Jaganmohan Reddy, the Trustee of Lead India 2020, spoke on the importance of India in the current world situation and how it could be improved. The ToTs of this programme would be carrying out this message and perpetuating the training among schools in Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore and Coimbatore.

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