Critical Mass Development (CMD) for APSWREI Schools

Lead India “Aap Badho Desh Ko Badhao” national experiment began with training 6000 students as change agents in A.P.State Social Welfare Residential Schools. These change agents successfully trained 1.5 lakh students in life skills, thinking skills, Global Leadership Skills, positive attitudes and values. It is first of its kind where students as peer group leaders are playing the role of teachers, social reformers .The objective of this training is to make youth power as national power leading to developed India by 2020.

All these change agents have set high vision and goals for themselves and are guided and motivated periodically. In order to help them in revisiting their goals and make individual plans for development, Lead India 2020 Foundation is organizing “Lead India Critical Mass Development Programme” from 18th to 20th  & 22nd to 24th November, 2010 in 22 districts.

Some of the  expected outcomes of this exercise would be to:-

  • Develop skills of appreciation for the history/achievements of our ancestors.
  • Identify the second level leaders in the APSWREI schools
  • Help the students  in revisiting their vision plans and reset the goals for life and career accordingly
  • Ignite the scientific temper through developing skills of inquiry
  • Educate the LINC (Lead India National Club) members in integrating life skills and value education as a part of regular teaching learning process.

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