Change Agents of Oasis School of Excellence move to next level

“Knowledge is certainly a man’s greatest beauty. It is a safe hidden treasure. It provides prosperity, fame and happiness. Knowledge is the Guru of all Gurus. It acts as one’s friend in a foreign country. Knowledge is supreme God. It is knowledge, not wealth, that makes you a global citizen and helps people  identify you even when you are in a large crowd”.

This was the key message given by Dr. N. B. Sudershan Acharya in the inaugural session of the 2nd phase of ABDB training programme to the change agents of the Oasis School of Excellence (OSE).

The 2nd phase ABDB training programme was conducted for 3 days to 250 students of classes 6th,7th,8th & 9th. Mrs. Kameswari, Principal, OSE – Hyderabad and Mr. Ramakrishnappa,Principal, OSE – Shamshabad were the guest speakers. Major part of the training was handled by the Lead India 2020 Foundation’s master trainers and the whole programme was coordinated by Mr. Rajasekhar, a commando of Lead India 2020 Foundation.

The feedback of the change agents namely, Madhurima, Bindu, Rasagna, Sharavani, Nikhila and many others re-iterates the need for imparting values based education with continuous comprehensive evaluation to the tender minds.

A simple statement given by Madhurima to her friends on motivation which says “every day we must motivate ourselves because when we are motivated we have energy; we have ideas to pursue our vision and determination to achieve not only one goal but many”. This proves that the students of OSE are all set to become catalysts in helping their other friends become global leaders by 2020.

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