June 14, 2015

Acharya’s Page

Sudershan Acharya

The ideas expressed in this book were conceived during my daily meditation as God-send ideas and are also based on my experimentation of those ideas in the training programmes I had organized in the Bala Bharathi Shikshana Samithi for about 25years and subsequently in the training programmes of  the Lead India 2020 movement. While all these programmes have been planned by me, the actual implementation at the ground level has been done by Prof. Arun Kumar Acharya and some other co-researchers of Lead India 2020.

The plans of these programmes were first presented at the feet of His Holiness Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and he appreciated them and blessed they would become an international model and achieve very high success and be received with admiration.

The application of these plans and programmes  to Lead India 2020 from Bala Bharathi Shikshana Samithi happened in 2003 when Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, President of India while appreciating the training model, suggested that it could be enhanced to a national level through a platform like Lead India 2020. This led to the establishment of Lead India 2020 Foundation to spread the transformation to cover the entire country.

Lead India 2020 focuses on empowering the youth in the age group of 10-25 years with support and coordination of all the citizens of the country. Thus, Lead India 2020 is the second national movement after the Independence movement since it aims to restore the rightful glory and rich heritage of the nation, that flourished till the 17th century and make the nation a world leader by igniting, nurturing and moulding minds of the youth so that they will lead the nation to lead the world by 2020. With this movement, every citizen of the Mother India will be a proud citizen of this country.

All the citizens of the country are requested to study the information contained in this book with deep interest and take prime and proactive role with responsibility to make the nation a leader in the world by 2020.

Prof. N B Sudershan Acharya,
Founder & Chairperson.
Lead India 2020 Foundation

9 thoughts on “Acharya’s Page

  • Hello Acharya Sir.. I am Shaik Maimun, a student of RGUKT Basar. Thank you so much for selecting our college ou of these so many colleges for helping the Adilabad students. I am proud to be a part of this Lead India Foundation 2020. Ranjith brother Sudhakar brother has taught us so many things… I promise you that we will share this knowledge with everyone.. I have lost my stage fear now. Thank you sir..

  • Dear sudershan acharya ji,

    First of all heartful thanks to you because of initiation of sending the effective training team to our campus by having trust on us.We are so happy for being a part in ToT programme and we kindly requesting you to spread about the lead india, Just once I asked my cousin brother who works in sakshi as a hyderabad area add executive he have well communication skills but the thing is he also dont know about lead india and aim of lead india. We have to spread the lead india-2020 and it’s motto over hole the nation.

    We can help to the nation as much as we can.we learned so many things ,we can motivate others we can change the people with our skills.The confidence which i have is given by the effective speeches of trainers .So I also wanna be a part of changing this society for a little bit from my side also.

  • Sudershan Jii,
    It’s been very long time since I heard you in person. However, your voice is still echoing in my ears. Enormous power of your simple words is still behind me. I am eager to pick up your inspiring words again and want to hear well modulated and influencing voice of yours. With great respect, I left the hall of G. Pulla Reddy college (Mehdi Patnam) after your speech in 1993 but, your inspiring words are still with me Sir !!

  • sir
    Iam very much excited to see the words of a great person working for the country to make it a master on this globe. a great thought from great great mind. selected segment for making this project successful is really truthful. the youth are to be trained in the human values. Our country is known for the human values but they are not known to the globans. Humanity has become cheap commodity on this globe. Humanity is pushed to backseat. Humanity is humiliated on this Globe. Humanity is disrespected on this globe. Humanity is forgotten by all on this earth. who can teach this humanity to this globe. every one wants their needs fulfilled but they dont want humanity..When they want their requirements to be met, they utter humanity but they forget it when the situation seeks their support. Today the human life is goggling around the materialistic progress. well ! to make ones life more easy and comfortable it is required. But how to make human being’s life easy. How to teach them to make life easy? who is there to teach? As nature says parents are only the ones to show them the way of life. Today’s parents are yesterday’s children. When yesterday’s children are not taught the real way of life , how today’s parents can show the path to their children ? it is very big question.

    Nature in which the creatures are living is no doubt teach how to live. But it may be true for animal kingdom but not for human beings. There is a difference in the life of human beings and other animals. All the animals can service with the support of nature. But human beings need not only the support from nature but also from the other fellow beings. This is the uniqueness in the life of human beings.

    This is the reason Buddha said sangam sharanam gatchami. sangam means the society. Hence huamn beings are social animals. This social animal has to realize what is society and what is the role to be played to make ones life simple and purposeful. Animal kingdom is living happily on this globe but what happened to this man.

    The observation as per my experience is that the animal kingdom is not in need of training for it’s life. for example if we put a dog is put in a swimming pool it swims and comes out of it safely. But think what happens to a human being if he/she falls in a swimming pool? will they come or drown there itself? Every human being knows the answer for this. The answer is swimming need to be learnt so that a human being can come out of swimming pool without losing the life. Now who is in need of training , a dog or a man? human beings are in need of training ? Train the human beings to swim in the ocean of life. then who will train the human beings. The teacher ! yes The teacher !

    Teacher is guru . Guru is acharya. guru brahma guru vishnu guru brahma . This is great seat given to the gurus in INDIA. this is the philosophy of our mother country. a great philosophy which was adopted by this globe. Training happens through the the education system . Giving value based education to the youth is a great divine universally accepted proven centuries ago multi angled life learning /teaching idea. It makes India a master on one day. My salutations to shriii acharya for the vision.

    with great regards
    pagidimarri soloman

  • Heartfelt Pranamams Gurujee,
    I have attended just 3 days course on Personality Development in 2006 conducted by you and your team in Mehdipatnam. During the course, you have spoken some words which went into my heart and stamped with indelible ink. I have also attended few similar courses conducted by others in which they have also spoken, but I have forgotten all the words what they said, except your golden words which I remember till now. What is the chief reason behind it I am not able to understand. Perhaps, the words are coming from you through a Divine Power. I am also using yours words in my teaching at Dr B R Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad for M.L.I.Sc students and they are being impressed very much and they are also remembering me. I am, indeed more interested your company , but GOD is not giving me an opportunity to have such association. Though I am not meeting you personally, you are in my heart and will be in my heart for ever and I pray you internally without your physical presence. I firmly decided that you are one of my Gurus in my Life and I remember till my last breath.
    With kindliest regards,
    Dr. M Kanakachary
    Librarian i/c, English& Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad.

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