2 thoughts on “Poojitha Jonnalagadda

  • hello puja sister jaan jegiri dost i am from k.v.1 uppal today onwards i am felling alone without you, rakesh anna shankar anna, and magic uncle can you send your mail and anna’s and send the videos you have taken i will see it every day so i will be learning every day pls send me reply. i am so proud of our country before i was not.and i am proud of lead india 2020 and you have did it very beautiful . i am confident that india will lead before 2020.and the dream of great abdul kalam gi will be completed.thank you.and reply me soon.bye

    • sorry there was a mistake 3rd line. i did not loved india before now i am loving and proud of. and in the session
      you have also told to respect.before i did not respect my parents now respect my parents. you have brought awareness to all of us and thank you for coming to our school with lead india 2020 programme. and come again puja sister with our anna’s.

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