ABDB Training Program For Budding Chartered Accountants

If a child has an ability and cannot use it he/she is failed and if uses half of it he/she is partially failed. If he/she discovers the innate ability and finds out a way to use whole of it then he/she is gloriously succeeded.

In order to help the aspiring chartered accountants of Chandra Academy discover their  abilities and guide them in harnessing those abilities to become future leaders of the country, Lead India 2020 Foundation has conducted two day orientation programme for them.

Lead India 2020 Foundation’s Acharayas and Master Trainers have responded positively to the request from Sivasakti Foundation and have volunteered to ignite the young minds through ABDB training programme. Dr. Sudershan Acharya,Dr. Aruna Acharya, Jagan Mohan Reddy Acharya, Ms. Gomati along with the Master Trainers facilitated the sessions.

The outcomes of the orientation programme:-

  • Mr.Sambasiva Rao, AGM of Sivasakti group, promised to fund the training programmes for the CA students of other branches.
  • Having inspired by the programme the director of Chandra academy Mr. Chandra promised to network with corporate junior colleges. He said ” students studying in corporate colleges are under tremendous stress. If this training is given to them, then, they will develop physically, mentally and emotionally thereby develop the skill to  plan their work and work their plan”.
  • Dr. Sudershan Acharya, the National Coordinator and Dr. S. S. Murthy Director of Lead India 2020 Foundation  reciprocated positively to the above suggestions and assured them that the team would always be there for nurturing/helping/guiding/mentoring youth.

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